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 Soup with Love, Made in 2020   

'Soup with love' was created in that life changing year of 2020. It was first born when a close friend of mine was struggling with her pregnancy and felt a little unwell. I made her some soup, took it around to her with a bread roll, a little note from me and the idea was born. 

During the pandemic, I have been looking after my own business which is in theatre and as you can imagine, has been tough. Soup with love has given me another reason to get up and stay focused. 

I have also been inspired to see so many local and small businesses up their game during these times and have teamed up with a few of them to sell their products in my soup hampers. 

Im pleased to be working with Evergreen Soap, Candles in the Attic, The Crochet Train, Marimba Chocolate and Calm Cocoa.

Thank you for shopping with Soup with love and I hope you enjoyed sending your loved one a smile. 

Simon x